Safeguard your website from spam

Day-to-day scanning and analysis of your website keep it away from the prying eyes of the cybercrooks. We, at PC Unifi, deliver you complete website daily scanning service that will prevent your online space from adware, spyware, Trojans, worms, and other malicious codes, hackers attempt to inject into your site.

PC Unifi’s specialized team of software professionals uses highly advanced tools to execute the scanning operation. Designed and developed by industry experts, these tools and software have been continuously improved for many years. In addition to these tools, we follow and implement a plethora of attack-detecting algorithms that keeps a track every activity you perform on the files.

We believe that the regular website scanning holds equal importance as that of data backup. Therefore, we keep a strict vigil on the current and upcoming trends in the digital market. Moreover, PC Unifi leaves no stone unturned to block all the ways for the hackers struggling to reach your website.

How does website scanning work?

Right from analyzing your website, choosing the right software for the scanning, performing various scanning techniques to dealing with the infections, every process at PC Unifi runs extremely smooth. Our web inspectors make the most of these latest technologies to make sure no virus can look into your site’s data:

  • Dynamic page analysis
  • Detecting buffer overflow
  • Signature-based detection to find out malicious codes
  • Heuristic detection methods to prevent zero-day attacks

Once you submit the URL of your website, one of our web inspectors chairs the required scan processes and provides you with your website’s vulnerability reports in not more than fifteen minutes.