Terms of Use

License Permissions and Restrictions

Pcunifi hereby permits all users a non-exclusive and non-transferable authorization to access its service, only for the purpose of internal business. The rights provided to our customers are subject to the terms and conditions included in this agreement. The rights that are not specifically given to you are reserved by Pcunifi and its licensors. 

If you are a competitor of Pcunifi, then you might need prior written consent to use the service. Moreover, you are not permitted to use the Service for analyzing its performance, functionality, benchmarking, availability or any other related purpose. Pcunifi’s Terms of Service clearly says that you are not authorized to:

  • Sell, distribute, give, transfer, license, sub license, market or make the Service or the Content available to any third party source
  • Edit or copy works related to the Service or the Content
  • Generate online URLs or links to the Service or any Content on any of the Internet-based device or server
  • Use the Service for making a competitive service or product and for making a product with the same concept, functionalities, and features of the service.

This User license cannot be accessed by more than one user. However, it may be reassigned to new users who have been given the charge in the place of former users. You are not permitted for:

  • Sending unoriginal or unwanted messages or spam that do not adhere to the applicable laws and authorities
  • Sending violating, illegal, threatening or any such material
  • Sending or keeping a record of the data, files, scripts, and programs including viruses, Trojans and other malware
  • Intervening or disrupting the authenticity of the Service or the information
  • Having unauthorized access to the Service or the allied networks and systems

Your Responsibilities

Every user is fully responsible for the activities happening under their respective user accounts. They are also bound to abide all local, state, and foreign laws and rules in relation with the use of their service incorporating the information related to the broadcast of personal data, global communications, and the privacy of your data. You shall inform Pcunifi for all such unauthorized use of user accounts, passwords, and other security breaches. Additionally, inform to Pcunifi instantly and take possible actions for preventing any unauthorized distribution of Content. You shall not imitate other users of Pcunifi and endow with the fake identity info to have access to the Service. 

Account Information and Data

Pcunifi does not keep any information or data you provide to the Service while accessing the Service. We are not responsible for integrity, trustworthiness, quality, precision, and the right to use this data. Moreover, Pcunifi shall not be liable for the modification, data loss, editing or complete damage to the data. After the termination of this agreement (due to any reason except your breach), Pcunifi will provide you with a file of the data. This data will make available to you within 30 days of completion if you request for the same.

In case of a breach, Pcunifi holds complete rights to delete, discard or withhold your data without sending you prior notice. Once the agreement terminates, your right to use the customer data will be ceased immediately.

Intellectual Property Rights

Pcunifi individually holds all rights, interests, and titles incorporating the complete intellectual property rights. We also hold the rights to users’ feedbacks, modification requests, ideas, and recommendations related to the Content and Service. This license agreement should not be considered as a sale as it does not passes to you any authorization of ownership in or associated with the Service as well as Intellectual Property Rights of Pcunifi. The name, logo, and product names related to the Service are trademarks of Pcunifi and third-party. We do not provide any license to access them.

Charges and Payment of Fees information

You are liable to pay all charges and make fee payments for all the billing terms in accordance with the charge that is due and payable. Primary charges applicable are equal to the present number of all user licenses requested times the current license fees. All charges and payments should be done in advance on an annual basis. Changes in the time of payment may be agreed mutually via the Online Order Center. Pcunifi clearly states that the payment obligations are non-cancelable and the payment you make is non-refundable. You are solely accountable for making payment for your user licenses purchased for the complete License Term. To sign up for the Service, you need to give Pcunifi a valid credit card or authorized purchased order details.

Only the authorized license admin has the power to add new licenses by filling out the extra written Order form or through Online Order Center. Newly added licenses will have to follow certain conditions:

  • If you add a new license in the middle of a billing month then it will be charged in full for that particular month. Pcunifi holds the complete right to change its charges and fees. We will intimate you at least 30 days prior through email.   
  • Newly added license will be in subject to the preexisting license term
  • Newly added license have to pay the current license fee

All pricing decided by Pcunifi are completely confidential and agreeing to this License Terms means you agree not to reveal these prices to anyone.

Billing and Renewal Information

Pcunifi asks and collate the License fees in advance for using the Service. We automatically renew the subscription, if you have chosen this option during the purchase. The subscription renewal charges will include the present number of user licenses into the license fee applicable during the previous term.

Upon increase of the fees, Pcunifi will send you a written notice of the same at least 30 days prior. Pcunifi fees don’t include taxes, duties applied by taxing department, levies, and you have to pay for all of them. By accepting to this License Term, you agree to offer us complete billing and contact details, which further included your street address, name, contact number, legal company name, and a few other details. If Pcunifi finds any of the provided information as false, then it holds the complete authority to cease your access to the Service. In case if you find that the bill is not correct, you should contact us via email within the 60-days from the date of invoice.

Non-Payment and Suspension Information

Along with the other rights, Pcunifi also has the right to terminate this agreement. Upon the termination of this agreement, you have to pay the due balance on your account. This amount is computed as per the charges and payments of the Fees section included in this License Terms. Agreeing to these terms will be considered as your consent to allow Pcunifi for charging unpaid dues to your card or generate bill for the same.

We also reserve the authority of applying a reconnection fee in case you are suspended and you ask to get the access back. You also acknowledge that Pcunifi has no responsibility to keep hold of customer data. This data will be automatically deleted if the account remains inactive for 30 or more days.

Information on Expiration or Deletion of Number of Licenses

This legal agreement starts on the effective date and the primary term will be the one you choose during online subscription process. When this initial term expires or terminates, the agreement will continue to be renewed for the upcoming years, which you have purchased the subscription for. Either you or Pcunifi holds the complete right to suspend this agreement or minimize the number of licenses. If you have enrolled into free trials, you will automatically receive the notification a few days before the expiration date. Upon the termination of this agreement, customer data will be given to you within 30 days of the termination.

For further queries related to this Legal document, write us to our email address.