PcUnify is the digital software & app development firm that offers web and mobile development services across the globe as per your request and criteria after determining our past or ongoing projects. We keep our relationships transparent with clients by keeping their data confidential. We only public your information for marketing purposes, that too after your approval. PcUnify dedicates to uphold your privacy and understands your need for right protection and management of any personal Information you share with us.

The digital organization has established this privacy policy to acknowledge you what information we, as a team, may collect from you on our publicly available and accessible interface of (the “Website”) and via various other interactions with you through different mediums. In addition, our social and promotional campaigns of approaching the targeted audience are based on concepts that are approved by your end.

Information We May Need From You

As you confirm us for any of your projects, we may need your basic and personals details in order to keep the track of the partnership and for other vital factors. It may be more than just your full name or contact number; it can also include the information of your current residential address to your permanent address along with your identity and nationality proof for and identification if needed.

Who We May Share Your Information With

In order to acknowledge you about your information to be shared with the third parties, it will be shared with the concerned department working on your project. Also, make note that PcUnify will not be responsible of your site’s ranking fluctuation due to the changing criteria of the different search engine, although we work our heart out to give your best of the results.

On your personal will and choice, if you wish to continue working with us, we will have to keep your data stored as a part of our business terms and the central objective of keeping it is to improve services from all the possible ends leading to create a knowledge base.

To put another crucial point forward, we would acknowledge you that we are not likely to share our organization’s confidential data such as employees’ identity or any other clients’ data. However, we may need to know details about you or your company depending on the project requirement.

We also reserve the right to uncover such information when we believe the law demands it. Our policies and content may also change as per the need. If you would like to take a step further for better business, we need you to agree to the above-mentioned policies; else, we will not be able to facilitate you with our services.