Professional services to get rid of malware and backdoor

Malware and Backdoors are the programs that give the hackers an opportunity to take advantage of security gaps and then enter to the device of users. PC Unifi offers malware and backdoor removal service to diagnose the hidden malicious code and remove it before it disrupts the functioning of your device. Such backdoor attacks can lead to the following:

  • Server hijacking
  • Web defacing
  • Data stealing
  • DDoS attacking
  • APT attacks
  • Watering hole attacking

We are backed by a team of experienced and skilled professionals who are conversant with the latest technologies and techniques to detect and then take out the code from the root. Our malware and backdoor removal service incorporate core file scanning, virus removal, website monitoring, and other crucial features.

Why go for our Malware and Backdoor removal service?

Detecting backdoors is not a child’s play as they are mostly obfuscated code. PC Unifi has the most advanced software and highly adept professionals for the complete analysis of your website and to figure out the backdoors. We stand apart from the other service providers in the fact that we carefully create the backup of your website and its database, and then check every core, plugin, standalone files, and theme files to verify the backdoors.

Once detected, our main purpose is to make you get rid of it without affecting your work performance or without making changes to the website’s data. So, if you are experiencing symptoms like slow downloading speed, security threat alert, changing of web codes, send/receive email issue, and more, then give us a chance to fix this out!